Other Projects

Here is a collection of some of our other projects. Some limited in audience, some open source, some not actively developed anymore.


An open-source framework for Cocoa programmers to easily manage router port mappings with UPNP and NAT-PMP. It includes a sample application.


An elegant, memory efficient XML Marshaller for Cocoa programmers on Github.

Blinkenlights Stereoscope

A companion app for an art installation. Back in 2008 we helped converting Toronto City Hall into a giant pixel display. This 3D simulation keeps the project alive in virtual space.

Evil Quiz

A german language only quiz based on dark humor and mature content. With questions by a professional quiz writer, who worked for Who wants to be a millionaire and other successful TV quiz shows.


A TV Studio on your Mac. TheCodingMonkeys collaborated with Boinx on this software, which won an Apple Design Award. It is now developed by Boinx.